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Next generation Digital Banking & Finance software, enabled with Digital Banking Front-end integrated to our Core Banking software suite with Business Intelligence and Analytics.

Enabling your business with FinTech driven life style banking in the digital transformation of small and medium Banks and Financial companies, we create high quality products that will make your business better, to reach the maximum and satisfy your customers with our innovative Banking and Finance Solutions.

Core Banking

Due to ever high competition in the market, Banking and Financial companies are looking to reduce cost and increase efficiency. SkyBank Core Banking Suite is a set of Products to facilitate complete Banking and Financial operations while maintaining the effectiveness of workflow with the state of the art technologies. More importantly the Information Security and Software Disaster Recovery Plan is implemented with our Core Banking module. Our core banking software suite is parameter driven and customizable to meet the needs of your business enterprise.

Imagine the operational efficiency when field staff officers carry a smart phone to meet the client. Your employee can close the deal on the spot and update head office within a second. Leasing sales office can collect cash in a methodical manner and minimize frauds.

Similarly a Field officer can manage all the aspects of Loan delivery and management via SkyLoan. Few smart phone clicks canmanage a loan lifecycle including Outreach, Application, Processing, Underwriting, closing and Servicing.

Make Pawn brokering simple and profitable for you. From basic operation like Jewelry Management to advance features such as Estimating and Smart Searchs are enabled within SkyPawn.

SkySaving makes Opening and closing savings accounts ever so simple. Hassle free mobile phone operations enables deposits, withdrawals, transfers between accounts, and many more. Say good bye to your savings book and ATM card.

Give real digital user experience clients and encourage them to deposit. What makes SkyDeposites unique is that it enables safe and fast deposits via mobile. Real time receipt enables self confidence as physical cash deposits as you go to a counter.

The Field officer enables Account management with the mobile device. It can be a current account or a fixed account. It can be a joint account or corporate account. SkyAccount is here to manage top to bottom operations.

Skybank is responsible for consistent tracking of Rental payments in installments over the period. The software is customizable for any frequency of the installments may be annual, half-yearly, quarterly, monthly, etc. according to the terms of the agreement.

A well organized general ledger will enable proper reporting and accounts management in any financial institute. Skyledger come to action when it enables to search and filter mass volume data even from your mobile device.

Micro Financing is highly profitable as long as you options are correct in Load mount, duration, installments, premiums,and rates and etc. Delegate all these responsibilities to SkyMicro.

Digital Banking

Promote Lifestyle Banking to boost the productivity and maximize profits of your Bank, Financial Institute using SkyDBF.

This is the new era of Digital Transformation for banking and financial institutes. Our Digital Banking Front-end is developed using cutting edge technologies for reaching amaximum business growth and to obtain competitive advantages over your competitors. Assume a 100% mobile driven banking experience. Image a world without cash, without POS machines, ATMs, and scratch cards. Pure customer experience with broad-less FinTech, with SkyDBF.

We do thoroughly believe that the customer is most important asset of your company. Win your business with mobile driven digital banking approach.

Business Intelligence

New era of the Banking and Finance is motorized by the Business Intelligence and Analytics.

Our BI solution caters any of your information needs through SkyBI - Business Intelligence Reporting&Data visualization tool with the flexibility of real-time dashboard driven information of your business that comes withuser friendly graphical representation of data that can be converted into any format as per your convenience for the business decision support.The enablement of Artificial Intelligence facilitates financial forecasting with the predictive analysis of your business data for a futuristic decision making to run a smooth and growing financial service enterprise.

Meet our BI Consultants today, and energize your business with the Power of Business Intelligence to reach your business goals and maximize outcomes.

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As one of the leading financial software solutions we know that partners are the key when expanding In to new markets. SkyBank work closely together with various partners around the globe. Together with our partners we solve the most complex needs and create outstanding customer experience.

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